Malezi Women

In Kenya, East Africa, there is a group of ladies that have formed a group known as the Malezi Women.  This group was started due to a local grandmother, Peris Malezi, who was raising her grandchildren and could no longer provide food for them.  She ended up taking her own life in an effort to get the children placed in a local orphanage.  Alice, the founder and overseer of Overcoming Faith Academy knew that something must be done to help these ladies provide for their families as well as gain encouragement and support from other ladies within the village.  So, Alice began what is now known as the Malezi Women.

Several of these ladies, being widows or single mothers, are raising their children and grandchildren alone.  In an effort to help support and provide for their families, the ladies come together to make various products, such as jewelry and baskets.  The beads are all made with recycle paper that they find around town.  They collect the paper and roll it up tightly, in order to make a "bead".  After they have made the bead, they put a coat of varnish on it and once dried, they string the beads into necklaces and bracelets.  To give different effects, they have painted some of the beads, however they are all made from the recycled papers.

100% of the profit from this jewelry goes directly to the Malezi Women.

The ladies keep half for their families and they give the other half to the feeding program at the Overcoming Faith Children Academy & Orphanage. 

This jewelry is currently available to purchase at Twisted Oak in Webb City, Missouri.  Or you may contact us directly through this website or our Overcoming Children facebook page.