Partner with us

With the help of your contribution we are able to make a difference!  We are seeing children who once had no hope, hopeful of the future.  We are impacting this city and surrounding area for Christ.  However, the need is so overwhelming that we need your help.  We need your resources.  We need your prayers...

the children need YOU!

What is the commitment?

$10 a month is all that it takes to completely change a child's life.  This small commitment will provide food, clothing, shelter and an education to these children.  All of the overcoming children are in preschool through 8th grade.

If your finances allow, we encourage you to support more than one child.  It is an investment that God will be certain, you get a return on. 

Please be assured that all funds received for this ministry will go directly to the overcoming children ministry. 

Other projects

Jigger Treatment:

Due to lack of children who have shoes, jiggers have infested a large percentage of our children.  These parasites will enter their bodies through their feet and within two weeks a female will of laid 200-300 eggs.  Jiggers are very painful and often cause the children to have to miss school because they are unable to walk.  Jigger treatment is $5 per child.


A large percentage of our children do not have shoes.  Because of this they are targets for the jigger parasite.  If we can get shoes for all of the children, then we can begin to treat the parasites that are tormenting them.  We can provide a pair of leather school shoes and a pair of socks for $18.

Clean water projects

Water Well:

Having clean water in Kenya is crucial.  In so many of these areas the water cannot be used for drinking.  By providing water wells in these areas we can ensure that the children will be getting clean water for drinking as well as having a plentiful supply for bathing.

Bed bug infestation

The majority of the students are either living with family or being housed by members of their church.  However, 70 boys and 75 girls do not have housing so they are being housed at the school.  Currently, they have an infestation of bed bugs.  They have used a chemical to treat them a couple of times but they continue to come back.  We are looking into other resources that can be used to exterminate this problem.  Perhaps the wooden beds need removed and metal beds will need purchased but we definitely need some type of solution.

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